During this unprecedented time, church isn’t stopping, it’s just going to look a bit different for a while. We’re not able to meet in person but we are still meeting often and regularly online! Whilst we are physically distancing, we are not socially distancing.


We will be live streaming Sunday worship and talks on YouTube at 11am every Sunday morning. For as long as people are having to isolate and shield, we will continue meeting online.

Follow the link for this weeks live stream: York Vineyard Live Stream.

Previous live streams and other resources can be found here: York Vineyard YouTube Channel.

You can catch up on previous talks here: York Vineyard Talks, and find our worship playlist here: York Vineyard Worship Playlist.


All of our small groups are meeting online and staying in touch throughout the week.


You can find all the details of our small groups here: York Vineyard Small Groups.

If you’re not connected with a small group, now would be a great time to join one. You can sign up to a small group online, or be in touch with us ( and we’ll make a connection for you.

We will be live streaming small group worship throughout the week, just follow the link:

Previous and Future Small Group Worship


It's really important to us that our kids still feel connected to church as well.

Our kids team are working on videos and resources for you to use at home on Sundays and throughout the week. These will be sent out to parents during the week.

Find all of our Kids Resources here. We'd love to hear from you at


Our youth group will meet every Sunday evening via Google meet. We will spend time playing games, chatting, and have a bible study and prayer.


We also have an Instagram page (yorkvineyard_youth), which you can follow to keep up to date with all that's happening, or if you prefer you can email directly at


If you're a student at York Vineyard we'd love to stay in touch, even if you have moved back home and don't know when you'll be back in York! We'll be having a weekly small group online and a Whatsapp chat you can join. 

If you are a student in York and haven't met us yet, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at and we'll be in touch.


We intend to keep in touch and catch up with one another digitally. 

If you are new or ‘visiting’, one of our team would love to have a virtual coffee with you. Email us at and we’ll be in touch.

We also will have some online social events. Stay tuned for more details!

All Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates can be found here: Coronavirus Updates.

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