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In 2021 we were able to purchase our church building, Hamilton House, made possible through the generosity of the church, a mortgage from Kingdom Bank, and God’s rich blessing.


This is an incredible space which facilitates the outworking of our vision and all that God has laid on our hearts. We have been able to expand current ministries and invest in new ones. The building provides a great base, not only as a spiritual home, but also a place which we can open up to the community.


Some areas of the building require some repair work and alterations to meet with regulations. We also have some exciting plans to make alterations in order to facilitate growth. This will benefit us all on a Sunday morning, as well as benefitting all the groups and ministries that use the building throughout the week.

We are also pleased to have received a grant of £41,300 from the Benefact Trust.

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Our goal is to raise £800,000 for the building project. If you consider York Vineyard home, we would invite you to pray about what you can give as an act of worship. 

To give to the building campaign, we would encourage you to pick up a Giving Card from on Sundays which includes relevant giving information and Gift Aid details. 


When will work start? 

Phase 1 began in March 2024 and we hope to start phase 2 to follow May 2024

How long will the building work take?

Phase 1 is estimated to take 6 weeks and phase 2 is also estimated to take 6 weeks to complete.

Why is Gift Aid important? 

– Due to our charitable status the UK government will pay York Vineyard 25 pence on every pound that is donated to us from UK tax payers. If you are making a donation and you are a tax payer in the UK it is important for you to fully fill out a gift aid form.

How can I pray for the building project?

– For provision of finance and wisdom in undertaking alterations to an existing building in order to maximise its use

– Please pray specifically for our board and staff as they lead us through this process you can see exactly who they are here

What are the different building phases?

Phase 1 - Replacement of rear staircase to comply with ‘means of escape requirements in the event of a fire’ in accordance with Building Regulations
Phase 2 – Stripping out and opening up the front lobby area to make it more 'user-friendly' for welcoming people and coffee area
Phase 3 – Refurbishment of kitchen and female toilets together with repositioning male toilets
Phase 4 – Reorganisation of first floor front area and the front staircase
Phase 5 – Refurbishment of first floor toilets and installation of main central staircase
Phase 6 - Replacement of windows to front elevation together with associated repairs
Phase 7 – Provision of sun terrace on existing flat roof at second floor level together with repairs to metal deck roofing above main worship area
Phase 8 - General repairs to remaining elevations

The Floorplans for the different phases can be found here.

If I have further questions who should I speak to? 

If you have any questions, please contact Nicki Abbey.

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